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The Dunas: one of the most famous cruising spots on Earth, the dunes are busy with horny men 365 days per year from sunrise to sunset. Find this outdoor nature spot on your way towards the beach Kiosk 5/6 (formerly 7), leaving from Riu Palace Maspalomas in the South of Playa del Ingles. More info here.

The Gay Men Beach: the famous Gran Canaria Gay Beach itself. It is located from Kiosk 5 to Kiosk 6. Many men holla at each other right in front of the ocean on the promenade, as well as inside the water. More info here.

Playa de la Loma: this is not really a beach but more of a cliff with rocks where local men meet and freak in the nude. The best kept secret of Maspalomas, not so secret… More info here.

Basement Studios: if you´re not in the mood for nature, this gay men only resort is open to non-hotel guests during the day for 10 EUR. It has a cruising area inside. Nice atmosphere with swimming pool and bar. It is also clothing optional. More info here.

Anywhere in Playa del Ingles: given the amount of gays spending their vacation in Maspalomas, you can meet up with guys pretty much anywhere in the town, from the supermarket to streets or the beach promenade. Need tips on how to easily engage with a man outside of gay designated venues, check this article.

Most restaurants of Maspalomas are on the application called Glovo. A few of them are also on Uber Eats. You can download those apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. (Deliveroo and Just Eat do not operate in Maspalomas at this time).

Make sure you check your app for the time arrival of your food and come pick it up at the main entrance of your building as soon as your delivery guy arrives.

If you make them come directly to your own door inside your complex or if you make them wait, you should tip them. At least 1 or 2 EUR minimum. (the delivery fee does not include the extra time of searching you in your building. Especially if it´s too far inside or complicated or that they have to walk up the stairs) Also make sure you indicate the name of your hotel/resort/building in your address as this is how they can quickly identify your location.

Last but not least, delivery guys prefer when you have already paid your order through the app with your credit card. If you still chose to pay cash, please use the bill the closest to the amount to be paid as they carry a limited amount of change. (Example if your order is 8.35 EUR, do not give them a 50 EUR bill but a 10 EUR one and let them keep that change)

Have a car and want to bring it to the island? It is possible from the South of mainland Spain with huge commercial ferries that can transport cars and passengers. There are about 3 departure weekly total. Pick the date that works best for you then depending on that you´ll leave from either Cadiz or La Huelva. Note that Cadiz is worth visiting; La Huelva, not so much.

The ferry companies operating those lines are Armas and Fred Olsen.

The trip is over 30 hours, the exact amount depends of the city you depart from. With Armas, we highly recommend that you book a cabin, it is totally worth it, as you will be much more comfortable than just in a normal seat. Cabins have beds, plugs, wifi, personal hot shower & toilet, and optionally a window to the sea. And cherry on top. all cabin reservations include all the meals during the journey. The ferry has a nice deck with a pool and a bar, so enjoy it like a cruise!

Here are good radio stations and their frequencies:

For gay radio stations:

Gaymas: 97.5 FM and DAB+. Mostly dance and circuit music.

Yumbo FM: 105.1 FM and DAB+. Mostly gold hits.

For mainstream hit music radios

Coast FM: 103.2 FM. English speaking radio with hits.

Los 40: 96.4 FM. Mostly current hits (international and Spanish).

Kiss FM: 97.2 FM. Mostly international 80s, 90s music (+ some 70s and current hits).

Radio Calima: 99.9 FM. Mostly hits (Spanish radio).


If your car has bluetooth support, play our Spotify playlist from your phone, which features the music played in Maspalomas venues (hits, pop, circuit, dance, disco, etc). Find it by clicking here.

Yes ! Many solo travelers are actually choosing Maspalomas because many come solo here and are looking to meet new guys. Everybody is here to have a good time so don’t be shy, do not hesitate to break the ice with anyone and say “hi” !

Yes, sales tax is cheaper in the Canary Islands than in mainland Spain. The Canary Islands, and thus Gran Canaria, have a different tax system than mainland Spain, and the equivalent to VAT in the Canary Islands is the Canary Island General Indirect Tax (IGIC). The general rate of IGIC is 7%, compared to 21% VAT in mainland Spain.

There are also some products and services that are taxed at a lower rate or are exempt altogether from IGIC. For example, food, books, and pharmaceutical products are taxed at a rate of 0%.

Here are the different rates of IGIC:

  • 0%: Food, books, pharmaceutical products, and some medical services.
  • 3%: Accommodation, restaurants, and some tourist services.
  • 7%: Most other goods and services.
  • 9.5%: Fuels and lubricants.
  • 15%: Tobacco products.
  • 20%: Alcohol beverages.

It is important to note that these are the general rates of IGIC. The actual rate that applies to a particular product or service may vary depending on the specific circumstances.

Simply said, no (not at this time at least). You can take a taxi. More info here.

However, there is Uber Eats.

In the Canary Islands, the law states that all advertised prices (on menu and all communication) indicated are final. Businesses are not allowed to add any other fees on your bill. Whether taxes or tip, all of this must be included and pre-calculated into the advertised price. It is illegal for businesses to add the 7% taxes or gratuity separately on top of the advertised price.

However, if you are not a minimum wage worker, you should tip. Tip as you would do in your own country.

If yourself are a minimum wage worker, it is okay to not tip and just pay the advertised price (but we recommend that you round up to the next euro).

At this time, the only after-party happening every day is at B52, starting at 6am. It’s not designated as a gay venue but rather gay-friendly. Since it is the only after-party spot open, it is visited by many gays. (there is even a dark room).

The alternative is to open Grindr or Scruff at 4-5-6am and find a “chill” (spontaneous private parties/sex parties) or organize your own…

You heard taxes are lower in the Canary Islands, therefore you want to shop here, great idea!

In Maspalomas, Yumbo is great for gay shopping (underwear, swimwear and fetishwear by ES Collection, Boxer, etc…). Also in the stores Dress Code and Why Not? you can find the brands TOF Paris, Pump!, Modus Vivendi, Andrew Christian and more. For everything else, it is best to go to normal shopping streets and malls below.

You also have the shopping boulevards of Meloneras (El Faro Boulevard and Oasis Beach Boulevard) where you can find the official stores of designer brands such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc… And for shoes, Aldo is always a great choice.

Then you have the fairly small mall El Tablero with Zara and a few more stores.

15 minutes West of Maspalomas, you have a bigger shopping center called Mogan Mall in Puerto Rico with several official big brands stores (Timberland, Levy´s, Bershka, Lacoste, Pull & Bear, Vans, GAP, etc…).

There is also Atlantico in Vecindario (15 minutes north of Maspalomas), which worth noting has a nice modern movie theater with movies in English (look out for the indication “VOSE”) every Tuesday.

30 minutes North of Maspalomas in Las Palmas, Alisios is the best mall of the island, a very nice, big, modern and complete shopping center, followed by Las Arenas. Than you have the outlet mall Las Terrazas. There´s also El Mirador another mall if you have visited all of the other malls and you want to visit all of them (or want to go to Primark).

There´s also the main shopping street in Las Palmas called Triana which is a very long street with big known brands, as well as its surrounding area . Most side streets branching off the main street often have shops worth looking at too.

Find everything here.

Taking a taxi is an ideal solution after you hang out at night at Yumbo and that your accommodation is a little further (like by the lighthouse in Meloneras for example).

You will find many taxi spots in Maspalomas in main spots where you see them park one behind each other. There is one on each main entrance of Yumbo.

Or you can stop them directly from the street like anywhere else in the world.

Most drivers speak English and accept contactless card payments (including by phone such as Apple Pay).

If you speak Spanish and there is no taxi nearby, you can summer one directly to you by dialing +34 928 154 777.

And no, there is no Uber or similar service at the moment.

In Spain and latin-languages countries organic food is called Bio. (So look out for that word).

From closest to furthest of Playa del Ingles:

1- Organic Food is as its name indicates… an organic food store at Cita Center (2 Avenida de Francia, in Playa del Ingles).

2- HiperDino is a big supermarket with an organic section right at its entrance to the right. It is at the Bella Vista Mall (8 Calle Partera Leonorita, in San Fernando).

3- EuroSpar is also a big supermarket with an organic section on the lower floor, located at 48 Avenida de Galdar in San Fernando.

4- Biosol Canarias is the locals´ organic store focusing mainly on fresh vegetables, at 1 Jose Yanez Matos (San Fernando)

If you are looking for an organic food restaurant and vegetarian dishes, go to Green Planet at 7 Avenida de Tirajana.

1- If you are in a premium resort (Lopesan Hotels or Riu Palace)… there. Gold by Marina Hotel also have a very nice breakfast. Note that if you´re not a guest there, you can still enjoy their breakfast (simply by paying of course. They are unlimited buffets so the price is on the steep side).

2- Head over to Cappuccino House near Ritual Hotel for a Spanish breakfast (ask for tostada and tortilla).

3- The Bistro near Axel Hotel for one of their English and American breakfasts.

4- Mardi Gras at Yumbo for an English breakfast.

5- Flor de Vainilla in the local neighborhood of San Fernando for an Italian/French breakfast (delicious croissants and everything else on the menu is exquisite !)

6- Consider Starbucks in El Faro Boulevard in Meloneras for American-ish breakfast (they do not do pancakes, nor eggs, so for that The Bistro is the way to go).

At all cost, avoid Cafe de Paris, a tourist trap with terrible quality and pricing.

Find all best spots for breakfast in Maspalomas here.

There are two best spots for amazing icre cream.

Pinguino Soul: if you are looking for a great ice cream with a nice scenery, this is the one to go. Two of them are located in Meloneras facing the sea, one near the lighthouse, the other further west near Playa de Meloneras. (One is in Playa del Ingles but we do not recommend it because it only has a very stripped down menu). There, you can enjoy elaborate ice cream, as well as very nice desserts, crepes or waffles. You can also go there for coffee. We highly recommend the tiramisu. If your accommodation is in Meloneras, or on your way back from the gay beach, it is a no-brainer to stop by there at least one time. It is open every single day from 9am to 11pm. More info and menu here.

Flor the Vainilla: for the highest quality ice cream in the region, this is the spot. Located in the locals’ neigborhood of San Fernando, you will get delicious ice creams and desserts authentically Italian. This is where the Canarians go to for coffee and breakfast as well. Open every day from 8:00 am to 11:30pm. More info and menu here.

We have not found something up to their level in Playa del Ingles yet.

Chances are high that your hotel or your building provides parking. If it does not, you can park in the street where you see the blue lines. Parking is free in Gran Canaria. You cannot park where you see yellow lines and “descarga”. During night time you can park at the “descarga” spots.

You can also park in the private underground parkings which will cost a price indicated at the entrance.

FYI the closest parkings to the gay beach near the lighthouse are:

1.Aparcamiento Municipal Maspalomas by Emursa (1.65 EUR per hour. July/August offer: 7 EUR for 12 hours).

2. Lopesan Oasis Parking.

3. Or further away, street parking near Riu Hotel in the South of Playa del Ingles.

Car rental is a big business in Maspalomas as the island is not easily accessible with people´s own car (but still is). And having a car in Gran Canaria makes the journey much more easier to navigate the island.

There are a tremendous amount of rental car companies everywhere with easy solutions. You´ll find one at almost each street corner of Maspalomas and at the airport.

We recommend Cicar.

The closest parkings to the gay beach near the lighthouse are:

1.Aparcamiento Municipal Maspalomas by Emursa (cost: 1.65 EUR per hour. July/August offer: 7 EUR for 12 hours).

2. Oasis Parking which is also the parking of Lopesan Baobab. (cost 0.03 EUR per minute the first hour, 0.025 EUR after that, capped at a total maximum of 12 EUR per 24 hours)

3. Or further away, street parking near Riu Hotel in the South of Playa del Ingles or in the streets of Meloneras (harder to find parking but free if you luck out)

4. The ultimate closest is if you stay at the Hotel Faro by Lopesan as it provides parking right next to the lighthouse. Hotel Riu Palace Oasis right next to it also has parking for its customers.

Many places in Maspalomas are tourist traps which only counts on the heavy traffic their area already has (mainly in Yumbo and the beach promenade of Playa del Ingles) rather than on returning faithful customers, so those do not provide outstanding dishes.

However others are in the restaurant business because they are passionate about it. Here are some of the ones you can count on eating something delicious: Wapa Tapa (tapas), Kurry Kingdom (Indian), Lola (gastronomy), Fusion (Asian), Papis Grill, Green Planet (healthy), The Bistro (breakfast and desserts), Marhaba (Moroccan), 200 Gramos (Gran Canaria burgers), Hard Rock Cafe (American), Flor de Vainilla (desserts, coffee, breakfast), Holiday World Food Court (everything, from poke to Italian from Mexican to Italian, etc.) and many many more.

Google them. Check the reviews and photos of the dishes on Google Maps.

You can also check them on our site, here.

Note that most of them are available for order directly to you via the application Glovo and Uber Eats which you can download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. (Mostly on Glovo). Come to the main entrance of the building to meet the delivery guy as soon as he/she arrives, otherwise tip him/her in the app or in cash (at least 1 or 2 EUR). More info here.

Also, if you want to try chains that are typically from Spain, there is 100 Montaditos which offers 100 different mini sandwiches for a super low price, the one in Maspalomas is located in the Tablero Mall. There is also Rincon del Pan, which is a sort of Spanish version of a mix of Starbucks and a bakery, with all sorts of very tasty desserts, breads, sandwiches, hot beverages and juices (ideal breakfast place or to meet up for coffee). However at this time, the 7 Gran Canaria ones are all located in the North of the island in Las Palmas.

Simply said, for full modern gyms : Titan Gym in Meloneras or Ozone by Reebok in Campo Internacional. Both with English-speaking staff. Your resort might also have some basic gym accommodations.

Basement Studios and Los Almendros are both nudist and have cruising areas.

Ritual has a nudist area but no cruising area. You can still meet up and head over to a room for action.

For a traditional gay boat party: Sunset Cruise.

If you want to be naked you should do both the XXX Naked Boat and the All Stars Boat at different dates. If you can only pick one of the two, the XXX Naked Boat has unlimited Mojitos (and unlimited beers and softs), OnlyFans guys, an under the sea room with seathru glass and deejays from La Démence and Revolver. While the All Stars Boat have A-List porn stars, a jaccuzzi but only one cocktail included (but still unlimited sangria, beers and softs).

You can also read the article explaining about all of them by clicking HERE.

Like everywhere else in the world there are several chains of supermarkets in Maspalomas. The ultimate best one is Spain´s famous Mercadona but unfortunately at this time they are not located in the resort area of Playa del Ingles (they are rather in residential neighborhoods in San Fernando, Meloneras and El Tablero). You can go there if you have a car or by taxi. You can also walk there if you feel like it if you´re close enough. Go there if you have to buy a lot of stuff. Prices and merchandise are pretty awesome. They are open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 9:30pm (until 10pm on Saturday). Unfortunately at this time, they are closed on Sunday.

Near Mercadona San Fernando, also good supermarkets are Lidl (open everyday from 8am to 10pm), HiperDino (everyday from 9am to 10pm) and EuroSpar (mo-sa 8:30am to 10pm, su 8:30 to 3pm). There is also the frozen food store 5 Oceanos (in San Fernando and  El Tablero).

In the resort area of Playa del Ingles for small quick purchases, you have much more expensive and small express supermarkets scattered everywhere at pretty much every street corner. It does not really matter which one you go to in that case, pick the one closest to you. By order of least expensive to more expensive those are: Spar, Dino, Broncemar, Unide and Cordillo. They close between 9pm to 10pm depending on the chain. After that you have to rely on the small delis opened until 1-2 am.

If you live in Gran Canaria and you have a car, then the huge hyper Carrefour in Vecindario (and Las Palmas) and Alcampo (Auchan) in Telde are also great options for big shopping.