7 hours trip with a gay sailing yacht around south of Gran Canaria, with two meals, tapas in the morning and homemade spanish lunch. Quality drinks all day.

Maximum 8 guys on board in a new yacht, a Dufour 460 grand large 2018. We always try to arrive to the nicest Beach of the island for me called Guigui Beach, difficult to arrive from land. Nudism is allowed on board.

Since 2012, we are proudly bringing together the gay community for a great time sailing around the Canary Islands on board of a luxury yacht enjoying your friends, the fantastic sun and the beauty that these Islands can offer you.

Beautiful locations, fantastic activities and legendary sunsets set the stage for the magic that happens when a diverse group comes together and everyone feels free to be themselves.

We offer different cruise experiences to visit Canary Islands. We offer experiences for groups of friends who want to enjoy a day or only a few hours in the luxury of a yacht.

But we also offer experiences of a few days exploring the Islands for all of those who always wanted to experience what sailing truly means. Every picture that you see here is an example of what our past guests or members of our team have chosen to live this trip; this is a way to give you an understanding of the freedom that you will have on board, able to be completely yourself.

And, if you are travelling alone, or with your partner only, no worries; we are happy to combine groups to help you meeting new people on board and share some great time.

Departure from Puerto de Mogan.

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