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Program of the Night in Maspalomas, Ideas & Suggestions

The following can work for every single night of the year (except during festivals where things get wild). Keep in mind that it gets even busier on Fridays and Saturdays. The secret in having a good night is to know when to go and where. You can find a peak below of that untold schedule.

In the Evening (around 7-8-9 pm)

You can go for dinner anywhere in the city, by the beach in Meloneras or Playa del Ingles, or at Yumbo. Good food is spread out across town. In some cases your accommodation itself will also have options, but it’s better to step out.

You will find a selection of pretty much every kind of food possible: seafood, Spanish food, Italian (pizzas and pastas), American (burgers), Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Libanese, Morrocan, Greek, etc…

You can trust the many reviews on TripAdvisor and Google Maps for that to choose your restaurant (currently working on making our own selection). If you are in Playa del Ingles, head over to Avenida de Tirajana for all the restaurants. There we can already recommend Lola for a fancy romantic dinner, Good Vibes for great Burgers with friends, Green Planet for the vegetarians. Also in Maspalomas: Waka Tapa in Yumbo for tapas, West End for burgers, the food court of Holiday World, especially the pokes, the pizzas of K1 in Meloneras, the pastas of Rimini, and Marhaba for authentic Moroccan food in San Fernando.

You can also order food from them. Most use either Glovo (more choice + groceries) or Uber Eats. (Download either app). Very convenient if you are hosting a gathering in your accommodation.

Around 9-10-11pm (between 21:00 and 23:00)

Head over to Yumbo ground floor for a selection of bars for a chill drink.

Go all the way downstairs on Yumbo for a nice sit down drinks with friends at Parrots, CafΓ© Latino, Mardi Gras, La Bulle.

French-speakers go to La Bulle, for the Dutch-speakers go to Macho Macho, Germans go downstairs from it at Da Uhnd or Barenhole, for the bears of all kinds the terraces of Tom’s Bar or Cruise Terrace will do. La Bulle and Center Stage

On Wednesdays a good way to meet friends at that time is the CanCanaria Social. The bar in which it happens change every week.

For early drag animations held in English: former home of Michael Marouli, Ricky’s on the ground floor by the Burger King.

Full list here.

Around 11:30pm-Midnight:

For drag shows go at Funny Boys (in English and Spanish) or Sparkles (English) or Terry Show (in Spanish but the Drag Queens will be cute and try to speak your language. It is the Canarians favorite).

Center Stage and peak time for the bars of the 6 Packs (Parrots, Junior, Adonis, Peppermint, Cafe Latino and Gio).

For those who want to dance on pop music and reggaeton : Mykonos dancing bar. Crowd is in their twenties to forties. Be nicely dressed and sexy to show up there. It gets very busy around 1am

Around 3am and 4am:

From 3:00am many go to Mantrix Nightclub. The crowd from Mykonos moves there when it closes. Find a circuit party and house music on the dancefloor of this club. Meaning you can be shirtless. This club also have a cruising maze area which is taken over by the people from Strong Construction and the other cruising bars which closed at 4am.

From 3-4am until 6am: Coco Loco for pop music with Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Cher and the likes is also a nice option. You can request the songs played through the Whatsapp number displayed on the screens, and that include all of the new pop songs of the moment.

Full list here.

All Night Long (from 10:00pm to 6:00am)

Pretty much all of the island’s activities are for adults. that includes “Cruising bars” which is a low-key way of saying “gay sex club”. Yes, sex tourism is a thing, and Maspalomas the leader at it worldwide for the gays. It is so gay and horny, that there are not only 1 or 2 cruising bars, but about… 10 (yes 10) !!! So for the freakiest, you can also spend some time there: Strong Construction, The Factory, Zoo, Reds, Tom’s Bar, Noxon, Cruise Bar, The Box and Time Off are all great options to empty your sack. Some open earlier than other. When all of them close at 4am, everyone from these go to The Bunker which stays open until 6am. Get your fetish on, harnesses and jockstraps are the norm there. Each sex club has its own thing and own themed nights. Some have a strict dress code, some don’t. To see the differences between all of them, check here.

When everything at Yumbo closes (at 6am)

If you haven’t already picked up someone and brought him back to your resort yet, the the after-party continues in private with chill parties (sexy house parties).

Catch the guys outside the Mantrix/Bunker or check on Grindr / Scruff around 4-5-6am, you will find people hosting a “chill” gathering (mostly sex parties mixed with social) in their resorts. (Feel free to initiate one as well). Those last the whole morning until late into the evening for the very good ones.

Then repeat… πŸ™‚