Thursday - Naked Boat (MEN only) at 15:30 (3:30pm)   | Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Volcanic boat at 15:00 (3:00pm).

Meeting point: Yumbo Minigolf

Away Events is a group of 4 friends and a dog who have been organizing different events in distinct corners of the world starting from Paris and Barcelona to a festival all the way in Thailand.

“Party is life”, it is not just about spending a good time.  How many times have you met amazing people on the smokers teracce who have stayed your friend? How many times, at a party, you have seen somebody who makes your heart crush or you melt when he finally looked in your eyes?

We at Away Events strongly believe that party serves as so much more than just a place for dancing. This is what we are aiming to achieve with every party we organize.

We are also creating a place where new friendships can be made, where you can experience something you always wanted to do or where you can experience something new, a place where you can feel loved and fall in love. A place to get AWAY and live a dream.

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