Water Park with adrenaline attractions.


Anaconda: A vertiginous 200 metre slide with a 4 people only floater that combines fast sections and spectacular turns. Dare ride the biggest snake!

Tornado: A state-of-the-art attractions that combines big slopes with the most fantastic turs, riding a double rubber ring, perfect to share the expirience. The last generatios of water attractions is here in Aqualand Maspalomas. Feel absorbed by the power of the tornado!

Snake Falls: Speed, curves and maximum fun, is what offers this latest generation slide. The excitement is guaranteed!

Mamut: The biggest slide in Aqualand Maspalomas. Slide down a water slide on a 3-people raft while you experience several drops.

Kamikaze: Two twin slides that run parallel so you can race your friends while you descent through many drops. A classic and still one of the most popular attractions in the park. Enjoy the vertiginous speed!

Water Labyrinth: This spectacular new attraction begins with a thrilling ride inside enclosed aquatube slides and becomes an high speed multi racer lanes..Pure fun!!

Racer Twin Turbo Lance: One of the biggest slides of Europe has come to Aqualand Maspalomas! A high speed race with turns and slopes that will leave you breathless and an impressive finish that will make you repeat and repeat and repeat….Do not miss it … Dare with the Twin Racer Turbolance!

Rapids: Come and experience the closest thing to rafting. Check out the several rapids, still pools and whirlpools of one of our most exciting attractions. Feel the water in your face and the rush of this ride on top of a single rubber ring.

Boomerang: The attraction for the most daring ones! You can enjoy it alone or with a partner. A vertigo fall on a floater!

The Spiral: Fast and surprising attraction, and it will make you feel alive, and ….. straight to the water!

Adrenalina: Adrenalina it is a fast, surprising and fantastic attraction. Two sudden turns and you emerge into a high-sloped slide. A classic Aqualand experience the will make you feel very alive!

Speed Boats: Amazing attraction where you can enjoy the feeling of a Kamikaze but with float.


Price: from 13 EUR for visitors and 8 EUR for Gran Canaria residents.

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