The Maspalomas Dunes Wonderland Bushes in Gran Canaria Island are a gay man's paradise. Not only because the scenery is such wonderful wildlife reserve but because it is reputed to be the best and biggest outdoor men cruising area in the world, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Spain is a very open minded country so you're in for a treat. You can always discover like-minded individuals seeking casual sex encounters.

A good part of the dunes are gay naturist territory going from departing from Riu Palace up to the Gay Men's Beach and the Parking Camelios.

There are several cruising areas within the Dunas Bushes. You can see on the map in the photos. Younger crowds tend to gravitate around Bushes A & B. Senior citizens head over to C. Locals and those who stay on the West side of Maspalomas in D. Outdoor night time cruising happens at parking Camelios and in the cruising bars.

(Attention one section on the West is not accessible to the public, so do not tresspass when you see a sign there. It's unecessary as there are much sufficient space everywhere else).

Given the distances, people either go cruising on their way in to the Gay Men's Beach or on their way out. Whiile others go specifically just for that (without going to the beach). You will find the cruising area even more crowded on windy days as lots of guys will prefer it over the beach itself.


This is how you get there

There are many ways but the first time it's easier to do it like that so you can locate everything properly. Depart from the Riu Palace. Watch out, there are several Riu Hotels in Maspalomas. It is the one at the bottom of the "V" shape part of Masspalomas. From there, behind it, there is a deck facing the Mini Desert "The Dunas".

Head towards the path on your right. It's very large and goes down. Follow the wood sticks.

As you walkd and the Riu deck is behind you, yoou will notice the path separates in two. The action is happening right in the middle of these two paths.

At some point it will go up and then right back down, when on your way down you will see the first bushes. Enter there. Then it's adventure time. Will you find the guy, or an orgy? Anything is possible in the gay paradise...