Owner Fabrizio Sbarufatti and head chefs Matteo Rossi and Roberto Vezzani seek to emphasise what is wonderful in the local nature, as well as stimulating as many of our senses as possible.
At Lola we don’t offer purely fine dining and we are not entirely casual either, choosing to strike a balance somewhere. We focus on quality ingredients, combined with friendly informative service led by our dining room staff.

Our culinary philosophy is positioned from a modern style, using fresh produce sourced from both earth and sea – a concept of pure flavour.

The backbone of our cuisine is the nature of Canary Islands – the wild as well as the hand made. We follow the rhythm of the years and the cycle of the seasons. We cultivate our own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and berries, and collaborate closely with our suppliers.

We care for the traditions, but strive to renew.
We are ambitious and thorough, but we will always be playful and respectful.

We constantly explore and develop our base of ingredients and techniques.

Our cuisine is contemporary, traditional and wild… We are inspired by the whole world.

Address: Edificio Barbados 2, avenida Tirajana 17, Maspalomas.