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Review: Soranai Thai Massage

If there are addictions that are 100% beneficial, massages are one of them.

Located in the center of the Canarian’s locals neighborhood San Fernando is Soranai, a very talented Thai massage therapist. He is a very sweet and handsome Asian guy full of vibrant energy. I was actually surprised at how much better he looks in real life than in the photos.

He has been doing massages for 17 years (10 in Gran Canaria, 4 in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona). Married to a Spanish man from the Canary Islands, he has relocated in Maspalomas a decade ago.

Soranai,also known as Unick, welcomed me with in nice blue Thai traditional outfit. I tried his full body massage. Soranai, also known as Unick, with the many certifications he earned definitely knows what he is doing.

The details in his fingers and hands feels like a whole factory is working behind you which various machinery, when in fact it is all with his hands. He is using a special oil from Thailand. Totally loved the back massage. The care in how he handles your body, to move it from one position to another and also dries it, is appreciated.

The setup of his space is straightforward with Thailand decoration. He has a nice massage bed with a whole in it so you can breathe from it when you are facing the floor. Don’t expect the bells and whistles from the Namaste Center however, here it is all about the massage itself, and having a Thai one at that.

Soranai speaks well in English, Spanish, and of course Thai.

Many people take 2 to 3 hours massage and fall asleep because of how relaxing it is. San Fernando, the neighborhood he is located has many good restaurants.

Soranai is very professional, we definitely recommend. So much that we are now taking reservations for him. Use the green message button at the bottom right of this screen.

Check him out here.

Paradisr score: 4.8 stars.