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JACK & JONES was founded as a jeanswear brand in Denmark in 1990. From small beginnings, the brand has evolved and is now the largest business unit in the BESTSELLER A/S group – and is, with close to a thousand stores, one of the biggest menswear retailer in Europe.
Jeans and jeanswear are the core business of the JACK & JONES brand, however the product portfolio also covers tailoring, urban sportswear, footwear and accessories.
JACK & JONES offers several collections throughout the year. With jeans as the focal point, JACK & JONES develops collections covering all occasions and fashion trend needs of young men.
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History by year
1975 BESTSELLER is founded
1989 JACK & JONES is founded in Denmark by BESTSELLER
1990 The brand is launched during the fashion fair in Oslo, Norway
1990 The first JACK & JONES store opens in Trondheim, Norway
1993 JACK & JONES launches its first collection
2002 The first online shop opens
2005 JACK & JONES opens store number 500 in Deventer, Holland
2007 JACK & JONES begins sponsoring the world famous Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler
2007 JJ ECO is introduced
2009 JACK & JONES begins as one of the main sponsors for the champion’s league handball association, EHF
2012 Low Impact Denim is introduced
2013 JACK & JONES reaches 1 million likes on Facebook
2017 JACK & JONES reaches 2 million likes on Facebook
2017 JACK & JONES develops a performance-optimized collection in collaboration with Astralis
2017 Plus Size range is introduced
2018 Junior range is introduced
2018 JACK & JONES establishes a collaboration with Haas F1 Team