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May 14
The Gay Boats in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a tremendously popular destination for gay men from all over the world. The island has a thriving gay scene, with tons of gay bars, clubs, and beaches. One of the most popular attractions for gay men in Gran Canaria is the gay boats. Most boats are all-inclusive with unlimited alcohol, food, amazing […]

Apr 15
Top 4 Best Gay Massage for Men in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is renown to be Europe´s pleasure and leisure island 365 days per year. Indeed, its all year summer-like micro climate has allowed it to specialize in developing an industry around experiences that makes people feel good, whether relaxed or entertained. With vacationers escaping the cold of winter or simply, taking a break from […]

Mar 30
Day Trips & Things to Do in the island of Gran Canaria during Daytime

Gran Canaria is the place of pleasure and leisure. Here are even more fun things to do, other than laying down on the beach, drinking, dancing and freaking with guys, while you’re on the island. Feel safe to directly book from right here, reservations are securely handled and carefully pre-selected by and renown travel […]

Mar 28
11 Top Best Things to Visit in Gran Canaria Island

The Canarian locals affectionately call the island “El Continente en Miniatura,” meaning the “miniature continent” in English. This nickname stems from the fact that Gran Canaria, spanning 1,560 square kilometers, is an all-in-one diverse array of landscapes condensed. On this island, you’ll encounter a remarkable range of natural wonders. From beaches and Sahara-like dunes to […]

Mar 27
Fly Over The Water on A Flyboard Water Hoverboard

The world’s latest watersports craze has landed in Gran Canaria. Flyboarding sees you strap into a futuristic jetpack and feel like Ironman as you fly up to 21m above the water, propelled by the awesome force of hydropower. With a full safety briefing and supervision provided by professionals, all you need to do is enjoy […]