Where can I get the best breakfast?

1- If you are in a premium resort (Lopesan Hotels or Riu Palace)… there. Gold by Marina Hotel also have a very nice breakfast. Note that if you´re not a guest there, you can still enjoy their breakfast (simply by paying of course. They are unlimited buffets so the price is on the steep side).

2- Head over to Cappuccino House near Ritual Hotel for a Spanish breakfast (ask for tostada and tortilla).

3- The Bistro near Axel Hotel for one of their English and American breakfasts.

4- Mardi Gras at Yumbo for an English breakfast.

5- Flor de Vainilla in the local neighborhood of San Fernando for an Italian/French breakfast (delicious croissants and everything else on the menu is exquisite !)

6- Consider Starbucks in El Faro Boulevard in Meloneras for American-ish breakfast (they do not do pancakes, nor eggs, so for that The Bistro is the way to go).

At all cost, avoid Cafe de Paris, a tourist trap with terrible quality and pricing.

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