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Review: Massage at Namaste Center

Just got a massage for couples at the Namaste Center in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

I must say this was such a magical experience. You can only experience it yourself to understand what it truly feels like, but I’ll try to explain here a bit so you can be jealous … or maybe do it yourself too because, spoiler alert, yes it was amazing and we are rating it 4.9 out of 5 stars !

So, arriving at the Namaste Center with its Asian temple theme feels like you are entering a mystical world movie. The nature, gods statues and bohemian decor takes you in into a mythical experience.

We were greeted with tea and got seated in the garden bathed in a marvelous 25 degrees celsius sunshine  until our turn arrived. 

When our time came we entered this magical space full of colors, the pictures don’t do it justice, it is much much better in real life. You are getting lost in its otherworldly energy. 

About the massage itself. Tony put a warm elixir liquid on my skin. Combined with the way he moves, it felt like a magma of pleasure. Some part of my body I didn’t know existed got awakened. The detail, the precision to the milliliter is impressive, taking me to various trips. Those magical hands are truly something. For example, at one moment when he was stimulating the hair of my beard and head, I was feeling like I was turning more beautiful. I even feel like I healed of something. 

With the music and the touch I was taken away to paradise full force. The way my body  was moved around gently with choreographed movements makes you realize that this really is a professional field with constructed techniques. This is definitely not the random massage a lambda person can give.

Namaste Center specializes in massaging open minded and gay men, which makes it a must stop of “the gay things to do in Gran Canaria”. My boyfriend enjoyed the massage of his buttocks very much. He says now his ass feels fuller and rounder.

If I have to summarize this experience in one word, I would say: sensational. This is definitely a top high level massage, la crème de la crème, for those who know how to enjoy life. It is pretty much the best massage I’ve ever had. Totally worth it. And guess what, it’s totally affordable. Same price as dinner. Thank you.

Update: I have also tried the foot massage and it was beyond amazing.

Paradisr Score: 4.9 stars.