Welcome to NOXON a space with great electronic music in a minimalist decoration. Open every night, NOXON enriches Yumbo scene so you can share the hottest and most sexy nights with your friends in a relaxed and unique atmosphere in the only fetish club Maspalomas. You decide where how to enjoy the kinky club with the hottest and nastiest parties.

NOXON is not another sex bar.

Men come here looking for a relaxed atmosphere where they can meet other men with the same fetishes.

If you are a shy guy, maybe this is not your place. Please be respectful and you will have a great night!

80m2 of pure uninhibited kink. Equipped with everything from slings and glory holes to orgy beds (a client favorite). Piss area, full stocked bar and smoking area for relaxing.

All in a open space, in NOXON there are no cabins, it is an "everyone with everyone".

At NOXON you can find a bar stocked with well-known alcohol brands, as well as excellent beer.

We have a free cloakroom service where you can leave your belongings in a safe place. All payments can be realized by credit card.

Also, NOXON presents "The Terrace", its a fetish space with great music in the heart of Yumbo., for those of you who want to chill outside...

Now  enjoy 2 different areas, our terrace to chill with friends and our kinky dark room with the hottest parties.

Inaugurated in May 2019 at Yumbo Centrum, NOXON quickly became a benchmark venue in Maspalomas for its unprejudiced parties.

A place to come and enjoy yourself in a masculine environment without taboos. Right now, one of the hottest and kinkiest sex clubs.

The discretion of our clients is an important factor for us.

Go there around 21:30 (9:30pm)