Drag queen shows (Drag Gala and Carnival Queen Gala) and huge parade.

Theme of the year 2024: Memories in Television.

'Memories of Television' has been chosen by 48.3% of the votes, after the online voting period organized by the Department of Tourism closed.  The proposal made to the public included two other themes, 'Venice', which obtained 26% of the votes; and 'Atlantis', 25.7%.

Carnival in Maspalomas is like if the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is being transported to this tiny Spanish Island. The town transforms into a huge party that is accompanied by the beat of salsa and batucada tunes.

Maspalomas Carnival is a brilliant blend of colour, tradition, music, costumes, floats, dancing, parties, parades, delicious food and fun. Maspalomas Carnival is known for having some of the best entertainment and parades you could imagine.


More info as they become available.

Also Bear Carnaval.

Get the vibe (Video from previous edition)
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