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Buses are free in Gran Canaria for residents, Here´s how to claim your riding card.

Starting February 1st, 2024, the busses of Gran Canaria makes it easier to ride their busses for free. Indeed it was already free under certain conditions, which are now simplified.

If you are a resident of Gran Canaria, you can use the public busses for free. Here is how you get your riding card and the new conditions.

1- You must be a resident of Gran Canaria, and therefore have your address on the island (called “empadronamiento¨).

2- The card itself cost a one time 5 EUR.

3- Then you need to make a first recharge of 14 EUR which will allow you ride the buses in the entire island unlimited.

4- As long as do a minimum of 30 trips (15 back and forth) within 90 days the trips will be remain free and unlimited indefinitely. That´s about one to two back and forth weekly. Use it once a week to come back from the beach for example.

If you do less trips than 30 trips within those 90 days, you will have to recharge again for 14 EUR. If you did 30 trips or more, you won´t need to recharge again.

Where to get the card? HERE. Fill up the info the bus company needs. The card will arrive within a few days at the pick up spot you choose (one of the TGC main stations). And that´s it.

With this you´ll be able to use the blue busses, as well as the yellow busses. Do as many back and forth to from Maspalomas to Las Palmas and pretty much anywhere on the island for free! Enjoy!